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Have I Been Pwned Check

It's 2019 and Information security is a hot topic these days. Old stuffy bosses everywhere are asking about the companies security exposer, really they should be asking about their own security exposer. Hackers often target the older management types because they lack the knowledge to care about, or secure their own passwords properly.

I created this simple Python script to sit in cron, check a list of the companies emails and then issue a nicely formatted email.


For the emails I used smtplib and most importantly I generated the HTML using the Mako template engine.

Mako is fantastic, I was first exposed to it when fiddling around with the Nikola blogging engine (this blog is built with Nikola). After figuring out the in's and out's of mako you can string together a fairly robust template. I also use this with my signature generator

Python Boilerplate

Long ago I discovered that in my little projects I was often repeating what I did, over and over again. Building a sensible boiler plate has been the best thing I have done so far

The script is available on github for free under the MIT License