Posts for year 2024

The Hugo Switch

I've decided to shake things up a bit, and I'm switching my blog over from Nikola to Hugo.

Page Bundles and Obsidian

Page bundles offer great convenience for storing my blog posts in Obsidian. With Hugo, they group content along with associated resources like images and files. With this portability, I can store my posts within my note structure. While Nikola could provide similar capabilities to some extent, it's worth exploring alternatives, especially as I would have to rebuild my site anyway.

Better Asset Pipelines

One of the things that really drew me to Hugo is its asset pipeline. With image scaling, format conversion (hello, webp! Everyone hates you, but Google's bots sure don't), CSS and JS minification, Hugo makes my life easier. Plus, Hugo plays nice with deployment tools like purgecss, reducing the chances of mistakes with automation.

I'm even using the module.mounts feature to import my CSS and JS from a node_modules folder, making it easier to keep them up to date.

I've Just Learned a Lot

I'll admit it—I've made my fair share of mistakes along the way with this blog. From opting for a basic Bootstrap theme with little to no dark mode support, to not optimizing my HTML as thoroughly as I could have, I've certainly had some learning moments. But it's all part of the learning experience, so I'll take this opportunity to start fresh.